Member Spotlight: Fox Financial Solutions

Running a business is a lot of work, and there are many challenges that organizations face along the way.  Managing finances is one of the most difficult and important aspects of just about any business, and a challenge that many struggle to overcome.  Fortunately for Wisconsin residents, we have organizations such as Fox Financial Solutions, a rare business that combines deep financial knowledge and experience with great compassion for their clients.

Fox Financial Solutions was formed by Marty Fox and her wife Catherine Briggs, who had both retired from their corporate accounting jobs after 30+ year careers.  While they looked forward to enjoying retirement, they wanted to continue to give back to their community.  They decided that the best way to do this was to form their own business in order to have control over which clients they take on and how much time they spend working.

Fox Financial Solutions’ mission is to strengthen the financial competence and confidence of their clients.  They don’t simply lend their financial expertise to organizations, they use collaboration and teamwork to teach clients the financial knowledge needed to advance their missions and reach their goals.  Fox and Briggs choose to put forth great effort and spend time with their clients until these organizations feel comfortable managing their own finances.

Fox and Briggs particularly enjoy working with mission-driven organizations that strive to create positive impact on their communities.  This includes many nonprofits and organizations that fight for social justice.  One of Fox’s favorite jobs was an interim position with a nonprofit that had just lost their financial officer.  She said it was a challenge to step in and quickly learn the ins and outs of the organization, but it was incredibly rewarding to be able to give back just as quickly.

Both Fox and Briggs are multi-talented, and they offer a wide variety of financial services that an organization may need.  As mentioned before, they take on interim CFO and leadership roles for organizations that need them.  Financial analysis, assessment, planning, and budgeting services are also available.  Fox Financial Solutions also offers training programs that develop the practical financial understanding for a strong and confident board and staff.

Fox Financial Solutions is based in the Madison area but serves the entire state of Wisconsin.  If you’re a mission-driven organization looking for help with managing finances, look no further than the intelligent, trustworthy, and passionate team at Fox Financial Solutions.