Member Spotlight: The Gouda Girls

IMG_6321.JPGFor the Gouda Girls, no distance is too far. They have been traveling all over the state of Wisconsin to give everyone a chance to try their award winning grilled cheese. But their award winning grilled cheese is not all they have to offer. Give them a recipe and they happily accept the challenge. This is no ordinary food truck. 

It all started with two women and their passion for good, fun, and nutritious food. Tina and Katherine Tonn, owners, drivers, and cooks of The Gouda Girls, turned their dream in to reality. 

They met through mutual friends and hit it off quickly. During their time together some unfortunate news from Katherine’s doctor actually turned a negative in her live in to a shining positive. Her doctor told her she needs to pick something she enjoys and change her career path in order to save her life. From dating to moving in together, Katherine and Tina added another test to the plate, could they work together? Not only did they find out they could work together, but they could do this for the rest of their lives.  

Tina and Katherine had dreams of opening a bed and breakfast or something in the food truck industry. With Tina’s love for driving, the food truck industry was a no brainer. They jumped on eBay, found a food truck for sale in Manassas, Virginia and that is where the dream met reality.

When their business first started there were only three other food trucks in Milwaukee, now there are more than ten in the Milwaukee area.  Although most food trucks stay in the Milwaukee area, The Gouda Girls don’t limit themselves to the Milwaukee area. They go all throughout Wisconsin. 

The main difference between The Gouda Girls and other food trucks is you get more than just food from Tina and Katherine, it’s a memory.  The Gouda Girls strive on giving their customers food just like mom would make.  Customers will bring recipes their mothers or grandmothers would make and ask them to replicate it.  The Gouda Girls have done this on multiple occasions and have actually added some of those recipes to their menu.

The biggest thrill Tina and Katherine get out of this business is being able to reach out to people simply by cooking.  Their business is run largely by using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Whenever they receive a comment, tweet, or message from their customers, it warms their hearts and reminds them everyday why they chose to follow their dream.

If you’re traveling throughout the Milwaukee area and happen to drive by this truck, don’t let that opportunity pass you by.  There is only one place to get an award winning grilled cheese or try other mouth-watering items just like mom would make.  If you can’t wait for the chance to see them, find them on Twitter @GoudaGirlsTrk to find them daily.