Member Spotlight: Hinckley Design & Production

HinckleyProductions-web.jpgAs the owner of a video and production company, Natalie Hinckley finds that every day is quite different. One day may bring a live concert or performance, the next few days might be focused on a video for a corporate client.

“That’s what makes it really fun,” says Hinckley, owner of Madison-based Hinckley Design & Production LLC. “We have such a range of clients that we really aren’t pigeon-holed in one way or the other – it speaks to our flexibility and in our ability to understand the needs of our different clients.”

Hinckley founded her company in 2005, though her focus on video started much earlier than that.

“I actually bought my first camera when I was a freshman in high school,” she says. “Video, as an art form, has been quite fascinating to me.”

Hinckley originally enrolled in UW-Madison’s Film and Comm Arts program, but quickly found out that it wasn’t hands on enough for her. She changed degrees, but continued working on film production part time. She also spent a number of years in web development before establishing her own company, which merges aspects of both disciplines. Hinckley is aided in house by Trevor Triggs, an editor and animation expert, and a team of camera operators and developers.

“There is sometimes a perception that video and interactive development are two different things, and that was probably true early on, but that’s really not the case anymore,” she says. “As a company, we know that video is now an important part of the web experience.”

That’s also how Hinckley Design & Production approaches client projects. “Some businesses will simply produce a video for their clients, hand it over and tell them to upload it to You Tube,” she explains. “That’s not the kind of company we are. We think about the whole experience, of how that video will live online.”

So while Hinckley Design & Production does produce high-quality videos for their clients, the firm also designs and builds custom web sites, widgets and even video and music players. Hinckley Design & Production serves a regional base of clients, with approximately 60 to 70 percent of their clients located in southern Wisconsin.

Videos have become such an integrated part of the online experience, and Hinckley says the are a great way for businesses to make an impression on clients, even those businesses who have never tried this type of marketing or promotion in the past.

“Videos are a great way to brand your company and get narrative stories out there,” she offers as a tip to Wisconsin LGBT Chamber members. “It’s a very strong way to get your brand out there, to say, ‘This is who we are and this is what we do.’ It really puts a face on your business and you can reach so many people through video.”

As an LGBT-owned Wisconsin business, Hinckley is pleased to be one of the first businesses to join the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

“I was so excited to hear about the organization and proud to be a part it,” she says. “I think it’s a great way to get in touch with and network with the LGBT business community in Wisconsin.”

Hinckley Design & Production can be found on the web at, on Facebook and through the Hinckley Productions channel on YouTube.