Member Spotlight: Madison Children's Museum

Madison Childrens MuseumFor an upgrade from the mundane, there’s no better place for a child to learn and play than Madison Children’s Museum. Located in the heart of Madison, steps away from the state capitol, MCM hosts a wide array of exhibits to fuel the desire to learn found in every child. Children are encouraged in open-ended play that utilizes a combination of imagination and self-direction.

Established in 1980, the Children’s Museum was developed by experts with a focus on early childhood development. “All spaces have a purpose,” said Kristen Doescher, Communications Coordinator. Doescher continues by adding, “Activities help young children with healthy brain development and to develop social and critical-thinking skills.” Through art, science, technology, history and culture, children have an endless amount of adventures to explore.

For children five and under, MCM encourages families to check out the Wildernest exhibit. Here, families can play music, climb over bridges or splash around in their water dome. Another young-learner exhibit is the Urb Garden, an outdoor deck where children learn about sustainability through aquaponics in the tilapia tank or watching worms turn food waste into rich compost.

An age-limitless exhibit is the Art Studio. Hands-on development is taught by influencing young ones to design creations by painting, sculpting, drawing and weaving, or using light to shape and form images in the Shadow Room.

One of their biggest community initiatives is Access for Everyone. MCM has made it their goal that any child and family can come into the museum regardless of their ability to pay or disabilities. “We want everyone to feel welcome,” said Doescher. Access for Everyone is funded by the community through the Spring Fund Drive in April. Nearly one fifth of member families are Access Members.

Something that sets MCM apart from other museums is their value of sustainability. There is more action done here than talk. From recycling to compost, “sustainability is always in mind,” said Doescher. Exhibits are also built with recycled or repurposed objects, using natural and sustainable materials as much as possible. They take on the responsibility of stewardship, being aware of our interconnectedness, to make thoughtful choices.

Madison Children’s Museum joined the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce to be inclusive. Inclusiveness leads to working and living together successfully. They sought to gain information and to promote the idea that everyone is welcome at MCM.

For more information about Madison Children’s Museum, visit their website or like them on Facebook.