Member Spotlight: Wisconsin Health Insurance Advocate, LLC

Wisconsin Health Insurance Advocate, LLC provides a service that everyone can use. Anyone who’s ever set up health insurance for themselves, their family, or their employees can attest that it can be a maddeningly confusing task. Luckily, WIHIA offers assistance, training, and consulting to make the process easier.

Founder Sadie Tuescher approaches health insurance brokering from a background in government and nonprofit service. In her former position as a disability benefits specialist for Milwaukee County, she constantly encountered health insurance problems that arose because clients had received bad advice. Seeking to prevent these issues rather than trying to fix them after the damage was done, Tuescher established WIHIA in 2015.

Many consultants come to the business as former employees of health insurance agencies. Tuescher’s strength is that she has extensive experience fighting for consumers rather than working for the insurance companies. Her advocacy experience from working in the nonprofit sector has strengthened her ability to put her clients first every time. She provides the following services:

1.)   Enrollment assistance: Finding health insurance best suited to a specific business, individual, nonprofit, or family
2.)   Billing advocacy: Helping clients to fight health insurance bills
3.)   Training: Providing guidance for businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare groups
4.)   Consulting: Assessing an organization's insurance coverage and how they can save money with an alternative plan or policy

After learning of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce through a friend, Sadie was excited to join our community of small Wisconsin businesses. She likes being able network within what she describes as an empowering community filled with emerging leaders.

Tuescher also acknowledges the barriers that exist in the medical and health insurance industries when it comes to people who identify as LGBTQA+. She welcomes the opportunity to provide assistance to business owners and individuals who have experienced discrimination.

“Health insurance is my area of expertise--I don’t love it either,” Tuescher laughs. What she does love about her job is the opportunity to help people and to watch small businesses succeed. Ultimately, that’s what Wisconsin Health Insurance Advocate is all about--allowing small business owners to save time and money on health insurance so that they can focus on growing their businesses.