Member Spotlight: P.A.W.S by O-no

PAWSThere’s no denying that pet owners treat their cats and dogs like their own flesh and blood. Many would admit going out of their way to better accommodate their pets for either a more fun or safer environment. 

A safer car environment is exactly what Karen Orr, founder of P.A.W.S by O-no, has created. P.A.W.S, or Pet Auto Webcam Surveillance, allows pet owners to responsibly leave their dogs in the car for small amounts of time all the while being able to hear, talk to and see their best friends.

“Being able to hear their owner’s voice is so important to the animals because they need that reassurance,” said Karen.

Through a webcam similar to a baby monitor, dog owners are able to be in constant communication with their dog friends through an easy-to-use phone app.

As many people know, it’s not safe to leave a dog unattended in a car – especially on days that can reach 80 or 90 degrees. What makes P.A.W.S. more than a surveillance camera is the additional feature that also measures temperature and humidity – two key factors that work together in drawing the line between tolerable and unbearable.

Although P.A.W.S. is still a start-up seedling for Karen, she is incredibly confident in her product. “For an entire year, the idea of this would not leave me alone,” said Karen. “It just ate at me.”

In 2015, Karen took to the Consumer Electronics Show to test out her ideas and start on the P.A.W.S. prototype. Since then, she’s been imagining new ways to improve her system like a collar that monitors your pet’s vitals, as well as a remote ignition to the owner’s vehicles through the app. She hopes to bring this product to not only every day consumers but also to police K9 units. Of course, Karen says there is plenty of room for helping hands to collaborate and work together with her to bring these images to fruition.

In addition to her title as entrepreneur, Karen is a physician’s assistant in general surgery in Madison, a city she’s called for home a few years now. Growing up in a military family meant traveling constantly – leading to seven residencies in 14 years. But once she landed in Wisconsin, Karen says, “it was the first time I felt like I was home.” Today she is married with two children.

What interested Karen the most about the LGBT Chamber of Commerce is being able to connect with her community. She looks forward to the opportunities that the Chamber can provide for her to incorporate talented and professional people into her business. Karen has set her goals for being apart of the growth that is taking place and lending as much support as she can to the LGBT community. 

In the end, she says, “you can never say thank you enough to your dogs, so I do anything I can do make life better for them.”

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