Member Spotlight: Telmark Sales Solutions

Throughout the company's growth, Telmark Sales Solutions has retained its local roots in Wisconsin, much like its president, Dan Van Daalwyk.

A native of the Fox River Valley, Van Daalwyk returned to the area following his schooling to run a telesales business for TelMark Sales Inc., which at the time was still a small startup firm. Over 14 years, TelMark grew into a reputable sales brokerage firm with over 600 associates before being sold to West Corporation. After 12 years with West Corporation, Dan left and reincorporated as Telmark Sales Solutions Inc. one year later.

Today, the company focuses its efforts entirely on the consumer packaged goods market, selling branded products on behalf of well known along with start-up companies. “Most products we sell found in grocery, drug, or specialty stores would be potential clients of a firm like ours,” Van Daalwyk explains.

Though the original plan was to move Telmark Sales Solutions to Chicago, the company ultimately decided to remain in Wisconsin, citing a great local talent pool, strong work ethic, and the area being ideal to raise his family of three young children.

After twenty-five years in the industry, Van Daalwyk remains passionate about the company. “I am a firm believer in doing what you know and are good at!  Attracting talented associates and providing them a work environment that inspires independent creativity is paramount.  Add to that a multi tiered compensation plan, and an opportunity for each associate to participate in company sponsored and funded community give-back, and you have a recipe that wins on all counts.” he says about his decision to reincorporate the Telmark legacy.

Regarding his decision to join the Chamber, Van Daalwyk cites his own personal experiences as a main motivator: “I was a closeted gay man for many of my adult years, not allowing myself to dream of the idea of having a life partner much less live openly as a gay man.  My partner and I met shortly after I turned 40 (13 years ago this May!).  Jose and I made a firm commitment with each other then to disregard how society defined marriage and relationships and live as we felt for each other.  We have and continue to build an amazing life together and want others to know the happiness that awaits those who chose to have an open heart.  We find the chamber to be one good and supportive way to help realize that goal.”

On behalf of Telmark Sales Solutions, Van Daalwyk invites consumer goods manufacturers to contact the firm to discuss potential partnership opportunities. He also welcomes fellow members to count Telmark as a potential career option as well. States Van Daalwyk, “Those wishing to explore a sales and marketing career representing fantastic successful brands should consider reaching out to us!”